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Ilse Sanftl was born in Vienna where she graduated with theses in "New Art in Europe" and "Photographing the Nude".
In 1986 she moved to Rimini where she still lives and works. She is self-taught and refines her artistic tastes by painting with the well-known artists Fausto Minestrini, Mario Massolo and Agim Sulaj, using various painting techniques: oils, pastels, watercolours, aquatints and etchings. In 2003 she is extending her knowledge of figurative art, attending the course 'Techniques of the old Masters/oil pastels' conducted by Prof Wondrusch and Boeckl at the Geras Academy in Austria. She studies in depth, her artistic research taking her abroad frequently, whilst maintaining connections with different cultural affiliations.

For information: Tel.: 0039-0541-53197 - 0039-333-2315533


"Ilse Sanftl aspires to transmit in her work the dynamic revolution of colour, with life's movement scarcely contained on the canvas. She couldn't therefore remain indifferent to the techniques of the old masters like Van Eyck, Rubens, Rembrandt, Leonardo Da Vinci, Titian and Caravaggio. It's about the wise use of pastel oils and oils, which creates surfaces with veils of light to great effect, and portraits of magnetic depth. The Austrian painter has made such qualities her own after having attended the prestigious course run by Prof. Wondrusch at the Geras Academy and the results can be clearly seen in her most recent work."
(Dr. U. P.-H. - june 2003)

"The voice in which Vienna-born Ilse Sanftl narrates her images is very personal. She is a striking artist, almost screaming out at you, painting with a drawing decay and an explosion of colour where by the constant putting together of complimentary strident and 'acidic' colours, one next to the other with little strokes, she excites a reboiling of impressions, more than just pictures, sometimes anxious and disturbing. Her painting is predominantly two-dimensional, rich in colour and inventive, leading back to the Central European school of thought, the expressionist period, where one perceives again the results of one's own conquests. All things considered this is coherent painting with the Northern European origins of its author. These are the images of the forest floor, fields of sunflowers and small ponds of Carinthia in which the flickering light mixes with the flower petals or the outlines of leaves in a suspension loaded with pathos and mystery. Ilse Sanftl is an artist who presents a well- formed personality, lively and interesting, and who has the potential to reveal pleasing surprises in the future."
(Maestro Mario Massolo - march 2003)

"Of great visual impact, the work of the painter Ilse Sanftl reveals a remarkable personality, which makes her artistic journey original and instantly recognisable. Her sharp brushstrokes and impetuous, often pure, colour which results, mix together in her great ability to focus emotions in small stokes."
(A.M. Rogolini - E. Canuti - march 2003)

"Disegno e colore" - Palazzo del Turismo, Rimini (Italy), June 2001
"Disegno e colore" - Sala degli Archi, Rimini (Italy), May 2002
"Climi diversi" - Roberto Fenzl, Jewellery Designer, Rimini (Italy), March 2003
"Zenta in Festa" - Sede dell'Hera, Rimini (Italy), May 2003
"Disegno e colore - Sala degli Archi, Rimini (Italy), June 2003
"Gli Artisti del Marecchia" - Talassoterapico, Rimini (Italy), April-May 2003
"Quelli che intingono il pennello nel Marecchia" - Sala delle Colonne , Rimini (Italy), August 2003
"Sparí Atlantite" - Riminiterme, Miramare di Rimini (Italy), September 2003
"Movimento" - Artcafé, Rimini, November-December 2003
"La Donna" - Distributore d'Arte, Rimini (Italy), March 2004
"Lebensrhythmen" - Retz (Austria), April 2004
"Marecchia" - Palazzo Mediceo, San Leo (Italy), June 2004
"Mensch und Natur" - Castle of Keutschach, Carinthia (Austria), August 2004
"Pittura & Poesia" - Villa Lalla, Rimini (Italy), 2004/2005
"Leggerezza" - Sala delle Colonne, Rimini (Italy), February 2005
"Zenta in Festa" - Sede dell'Hera, Rimini (Italy), Mayi 2005
"Italienische Reisen" - Atelier A (Zum blauen Pfau am Spittelberg), Vienna (Austria), May 2005
"Arte" - Sala Azzurra, Monte Gridolfo (Italy), August 2005
"Visioni" - Sala delle Colonne, Rimini (Italy), August 2005
"Collettiva dell'Associazione Culturale Marecchia" - Rimini (Italy), November 2005
"I colori dell'Artigianato" - Sala del Podestà, Rimini (Italy), November 2005
"Espressioni e visioni" - (with Fabrizio Pavolucci) Art Studio, Ravenna (Italy), April 2006
"Balconi Fioriti" - Santarcangelo di Romagna (Italy), May 2006
"Di tutti colori" - Miramare di Rimini (Italy), August 2006
6° Biennale Nazionale di Pittura Città di Rimini" - Sala delle Colonne, Rimini (Italy), September 2006
"Pittori a Corte" - Palazzo Malatesta, Rimini (Italy), September 2006
"35° Concorso d'Arte S. Giovanni Bono" - Ponte Ababadesse di Cesena (Italy), October 2006
"Artingiangusto" - Sala del Podestà, Rimini (Italy), November 2006
"2° Arte all'Asta" - Savignano - Gambettola (Italy), November 2006
"Conferenza Violenza alla Donna" - Sala degli Archi, Rimini (Italy) November 2006